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Technical Support 7*24 Follow-Up

Shenzhen Tiancheng International Technology Co., Ltd. Attaches great importance to customer service support, And has always followed the "customer-centric" service concept.

Our 10-year-experienced technicians solve the customer’s pre-design in platform services, including product selection, PCB hardware design, touch screen product structure design, LCD screen structure design, software optimization, etc., and have 15 years of professional experience in the industry. R&D personnel seamlessly connect and quickly deal with the problems reported by the platform technicians, so that customers can rest assured of the compatibility of the LCD screen and the whole machine, and speed up the product introduction, design, sample preparation, trial production to mass production.

About Product 

Product Compatibility

Our company selects high-quality materials according to customer product requirements, including the display effect, stability and cost-effectiveness of the product. The LCD screen ensures that ESD, EMI and high and low temperature experiments can pass, and it can be supplied stably, and long-term supply is also guaranteed. The timeliness of small batches of customers and the sustainable supply of mass production are problems. For some partial models, our company will prepare materials to ensure the supply of customers.

Complete Products

Our company has developed a series of products from 0.96 inches to 10.1 inches. There are single LCD screens, and corresponding resistive touch screens or capacitive touch screens, serial ports and HDMI driver boards, with wide temperature (operating temperature -30° ~+85°), with high brightness (product surface 1500 cd/㎡), with high pixels, round, square, etc. products are convenient for customers to choose.

Production and after-sales

Let customers use peace of mind

01  Control the production process and strictly follow the ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards


02   Products adopt ROHS standard


03   After-sales warranty period is 6 months to 18 months longer than other manufacturers’ 12 months

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